Getting Started

So you want to learn to drive? OK, the first thing you will need to do is to obtain a Provisional Licence. You can apply for the provisional licence when you are 16, but you are not allowed to drive a car on public roads until you are 17. For further details visit

'How long will it take me to pass my test?'

On average, those who pass their test have had 47 hours of professional instruction and 20 hours of private practice. However, this is just an average figure, so the number of hours YOU require could differ greatly to the national average based on your aptitude, attitude and natural ability.

Private Practice

Private practice with a parent, partner, sibling or friend can be invaluable and is recommended where possible.

Normal Course

Intensive Course

Theory Test

ABC will provide free advice and training to help you pass the Theory Test. To take a practise theory test click here. This will open a new tab.

Show Me, Tell Me

ABC will help build your knowledge of how to keep your car in good working.

Driving Test

When you achieve the required driving standard you will take your driving test in the car you trained in. The Driving Test is approximately 45 minutes in duration.

Pass Plus Course

After passing the driving test extra lessons can be booked to upgrade your skills and help reduce Insurance costs.